Sustainability is Gone

When we look around us nowadays, we can observe people wearing face masks, gloves and other hygiene requirements. However, have we thought of the impact on the planet and the future of it due to us continuously using them?

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"Disposable mask @ Annecy-le-Vieux" by *_* is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Charities: Unsung heroes

"Seldom do we consider the effect of COVID-19 on charities and non-profit organisations...". We spoke to Literacy Pirrates, Migrant Voice, and Human Appeal and saw an insight to the effect for them and the people they help and how they have had to adapt to survive.


Learning from the pandemic – The NHS

Europe's biggest employer; Great Britain's cult religion; Our first and last line of defence against COVID-19. The NHS is huge in every way and so are the issues that plague it. This pandemic is an opportunity for us to step back and take stock - to learn from our mistakes.


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