Race Politics

Antagonistic exchanges harbor
Unknown dilemmas
Where worlds are disrupted
By momentary collapse

Of lexicons civil,
But harsh reality deems such pleasantries
A rarity where ‘light skins’ know no true,
No know simple acceptance.

For segmentation knows no tone,
Nor no blood count
Beyond arbitrary brackets
That sever any decency,

No, objectification finds deep rooting
Where the ‘other’ is no longer a being,
But rather a personified conceptualization
That must succumb to banal labelling.

But much as media champions
An inclusivity trite,
Tokenistic falsehoods arise
As capitalist mediation births

A compromise lavished on dominate screens,
Never entire communities
Or mighty institutions.
For difference is celebrated

When ‘useful’ and discarded en masse,
But much like dreams,
Some are split between multiple,
Stretched under mental fatigue

And separated by the consistent thought
Of never being quite good enough.
But no one questions the caveats
That sear silent soul searching

Onto the footprints
Of worlds that collide and disrupt
Bygone assumptions of purity
Or rather fears of the lurking unknown.

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  1. Ameena

    Amazing! On point’ ♥️♥️♥️♥️

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