How It Started

The Radius Outreach program embodies the core principles of The Radius and has emerged from the mantra of thinking in diverse directions with a centre of cooperation and collaboration.

We seek to flourish the analytical skills and encourage curiosity on a multinational level. For that to happen, it is important to equip the future of our world with a skill set that is becoming evermore necessary in daily life. 

In all regions around the world, students persevere through many constant challenges presented by the variables of life; our mission is to guide them to their own aims and purposes.

To help students overcome their dilemmas, we decided to not only use the framework of The Radius with our own writers, but with communities situated globally.

We are going beyond just awareness and into action as we develop a holistic network of global communities and connect them with members at the best of institutions.

Our Mission Statement

Outreach presents the opportunity for more of the youth to open the door of opportunity to personal and collective growth, for their own skills to resonate the values of The Radius. This will come about through understanding the principles of social skills and academic values which bring about the enlightenment to our community. From workshops to publishing their work, we present the podium of curiosity. 

First Steps

As a European youth initiative blooming across the world, we decided to extend our hands to the oldest capital of the world, Damascus. Currently, we are working on ‘Project Mosaic’ which will feature content coming from students in Al-Wataniah National School – the first institution to be working with Outreach.

This marks the beginning to what will be an exuberant and illuminating experience for mentorship and development. 

If you are an interested individual or community, do feel free to contact: theradius.outreach@gmail.com to see how you can be a part of us and find out more!