About the Initiative

The Outreach Mentorship Initiative is an opportunity for students to broaden their writing, research and public relations skills, which will be beneficial throughout their professional careers. The ability to communicate with peers from all over the world at different stages in education is what makes this initiative so intriguing. You get to learn from a diverse crowd, who’s ranks you will hopefully join once you conclude your mentorship.

This mentoring will comprise of presentations and tasks, being delivered to the Mentees by the Outreach team members. Following this, a 1-on-1 mentoring experience will be provided to the students to ensure they have fully engaged with all the materials at their disposal. In order to offer our Mentees the finest mentoring experience, Editors from The Radius will accompany them into completion of their article which will be featured on The Radius.

Initiative Training Plan

In this scheme, the training will be divided into two stages: presentations and tasks.

The presentations will be on writing, research, and public relations skills.

The main task will be divided into three mini-tasks which will be allocated to you after each workshop.

The tasks involved will include:

  • Creating a Structured Plan (After Presentation 1)
  • Researching the Topic You’ve Chosen to Write About (After Presentation 2)
  • Contacting Field Professionals and Experts (After Presentation 3)

After the three presentations, you will have 2 weeks to write an article (800-1200 words). You will also be provided with 1-on-1 mentoring as well as receive feedback from your personal editor.

Outreach Mentorship Initiative Presentations Breakdown

  • Choosing the right topic – formality and political controversy.
  • Creating a rough plan – key ideas and aims.
  • Structuring and signposting your essay.
  • Making your content visually interactive.
  • Targeting the right audience – reaching the right level of complexity for your topic.
  • Grammar.
  • Academic research and writing – using newspapers, journals, articles, books, and the Internet.
  • Using professionals’ opinions in your writing – using the right journal articles and podcasts.
  • Choosing and deciding which sources to trust.
  • How to approach presenting your research based on your topic.
  • Discussing similar topics with your peers.
  • How to reach out to professionals – contacting/talking to experts in the field.
  • How to approach organisations and institutions.
  • Ways of presenting yourself to professionals.

How To Join

If you are interested to join our Outreach Mentorship Program, you can apply through the Typeform link below and the Outreach team will reach out to you as soon as they can! Just make sure you apply before December 10th. We can’t wait to start working with you.