A Look Back At Nostalgia

Have you ever found an old photo, walked by a school you used to go to or heard a song from your youth and felt … happy? Sad? Wistful? Sentimental? This feeling has an interesting history and implications, so let’s take a look back at nostalgia.


A Stubborn Pathogen

In 2004, the NHS introduced a policy forbidding many receivers of blood transfusions from becoming blood donors. Today, this restriction is active, and the reason involves a demented generation of British cows.


The Anthropocene

We have existed on this planet for less than 0.0004% of the earth’s history yet scientists propose that we have entered the Anthropocene, a new epoch characterized by our significant impact on the planet. Is this claim based on human arrogance and false environmental alarmism or do we have the necessary scientific evidence proving its existence?


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