What if Hitler Had Won?

A world under the reign of Hitler is one that is almost unimaginable, but at parts during WW2, this was a real possibility. But, what if the war was won by the Axis- how could the world have been like amongst this "uncertainty and tyranny"?


Black History Month: Time For Change

It is time to change our approach to Black History Month in the UK. Black history should not just be viewed or explored from the American gaze. We must ensure that a light is shone on the history of Black people in Britain and commonwealth countries too.


Why Does History Matter?

Understanding the past is extremely beneficial because it allows a constant reflection of our actions as individuals, societies, and inhabitants of this planet – and offers a guide as to how we should and should not act. The field of history allows critical insights into understanding the complexities and nuances of the world. It offers the skill of critical analysis and evaluation, since historians have to reach a judgement as to what is the most plausible justification. History is a subject that can be overlooked because of its concern with the past but its relevance is something that should be appreciated greatly.


The Change of Cities at Core

The world is constantly changing, sometimes we can only see the change after it is made. However, in regards to cities, there are some aspects that we can look through and visualize the future that is waiting for us.


Loot Boxes and Gambling

Loot boxes are a prevalent mechanic in video games and have been compared to gambling in the past. So how have countries approached this debate and are these attitudes reflected in their legislation?

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Orientalism: The Western Blindspot

Edward Said stresses that we must unlearn the cultural dominative mode that is Orientalism. How does Skyfall perpetuate Western views of the East? By shedding light on the Orientalist gaze, we reveal the blindspot Western literature & media raised us with.


Our Search for Meaning

When we are faced with a prolonged period of idleness, it is inevitable that we begin to question the very foundations of our belief systems. In this article, we delve into trying to answer these age old conundrums.


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